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Warcraft Pet Tricks

22 January 2013

Grand Master Antari

Grand Master Pet Tamer Bloodknight Antari in Shadowmoon Valley

Bloodknight Antari hangs out in Shadowmoon Valley in Outland and a quest to beat him will become available after you complete Battle Pet Tamers: Outland. His pets are definitely quite hard if you don't prepare properly and bring pets that can counter his. They might be only level 24 (the max is 25 in the game currently), but it doesn't matter because you can get caught with dead pets quite quickly as Antari's team does have some competitive moves.

His pets include a Magic pet named Arcanus, an Elemental named Jadefire and a Dragonkin named Netherbite. One of the issues that impacts many pet battlers when they reach this tamer and want to beat him is that they don't have a Humanoid leveled up which would be a good counter to the Dragonkin. 

There are only a few Humanoid pets in the wild (two of them are in Outland and are located in Zangermarsh and Terokkar Forest) and so if you don't already have a Humanoid leveled up for this tamer, it's highly recommended that you go out and find a Humanoid and level it up to 20+ (especially if you wish to level up a lowbie on this trainer, which is entirely possible as long as you bring the right classes!)

Battle Pets for fighting Bloodknight Antari
Battle Pets for fighting Bloodknight Antari
The pets you'll want to use to beat Bloodknight Antari will include:

  • A Dragonkin to fight against his Magic pet
  • A Critter Pet with a Dive ability to fight against his Elemental (snails are great)
  • A Humanoid to deal with the Dragonkin pet

Generally speaking, it's easy to level up pets that are at least level 20+ as long as you have a Dive capable pet and a Humanoid. The screenshot above is just an example and is definitely not the only combination available. 

Bloodknight Antari is one of the more annoying Grand Masters simply because his last pet, Netherbite, is likely to dodge just about every attack. This pet has a few abilities which simply cause all attacks to miss and this can mean that beating him might take a few extra rounds. This is why it's vital that a Humanoid pet be part of your lineup. Consider leveling one up before you meet this tamer and beating him should be easy.

To find Antari, you'll want to head into Shadowmoon Valley where you'll spot him hanging out near the road that runs east/west through the zone along the southern half:

Bloodknight Antari hangs out in Shadowmoon Valley
Bloodknight Antari hangs out in Shadowmoon Valley

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